Collection: Candle Care & Accessories

Simple steps to care for your candles to keep them burning clean & even!

Trim those wicks! 1/4” every time before you light them. Our wick trimmer ✂️ gives you the perfect length and you’ll have beautiful candles every time! Add one to your collection any time 🤩

Keep your candles away from drafts, this can make the flame dance and can produce soot.

Dip it! Dip the wick into the wax which means no smoke or soot! 💨 And makes it easier to light next time too!

Give it a rest! ⏰ Once that top layer is fully liquified, (usually don’t want to burn no more than 4 hours) dip it and let it rest! Your whole place will smell incredible. And if you want more, light it up again after a quick trim! 👏🏻

Candle care is easy as 1, 2, 3…. So don’t be silly & have black jars and tall flames! 🔥