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Our Spring Collection is here! Check out your returning favorites as well as some NEW ones!

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Whether you’re searching for florals, fresh, fruity, or nature-like scents, we have something for everyone. Fill your home with the best candles on the market! Be sure to check back each month as we release monthly specialty candles you won’t find anywhere else! ♥️

Candle Care is essential

Keep your candle burning evenly and clean

Always trim your wicks 1/4 of an inch before lighting.

Burn your candle for at least 4 hours the first time. After that! Ensure the top is fully liquified before putting it out.

Never blow it out! Use a wick dipper.

  • I’m Chris. Your candle guy!

    Welcome to Nester’s Candles by Sunset Scents! My candle journey started in March of 2018 with Gold Canyon Candles out of Chandler, AZ. I enjoyed sharing the best fragrances with my family, friends, and customers. My passion for a lovely smelling home soon became an necessity. After 2 years with the company, sadly they went out of business and left my customers and myself without an amazing smelling candle. I heard about Sunset Scents starting by 2 former consults and I had to try it out. After a year of being a customer, I decided it was time to join Sunset Scents! The products are incredible..we’re using the same wax and fragrances you know and love. So here we are, I’ve been doing Sunset for almost 2 years and I’m loving it! We have the same great scents you’re missing, old favorites, new limited edition scents each month, and more! Take a look around and join my Facebook Group to keep up with the latest news and have some fun too!! Thanks for stopping by!! Enjoy the Sunset at Sunset Scents☀️

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