Fall/Winter Fundraisers are here!

I would like to introduce myself, my name is Christopher Nester and I’m a Fundraising specialist with Sunset Scents. Sunset Scents is a two-year old Candle Company located in Mesa, Arizona. The co-founders were former executives with Gold Canyon Candles with over 23 years combined in the candle industry. Our candles feature double wicks for even burns, a safety collar, and they’re made from a food-grade paraffin wax with incredible scent throw! Fundraising is our passion and we look forward to helping many groups EXCEED their fundraising goals!

Sunset Scents offers a 40% profit ($8.40 per candle), has 15 Fall fragrances to choose from, it comes in a stylish Fundraiser-exclusive candle tin with a lid which eliminates breakage and has ZERO up-front costs.

You will have your profit in hand when your sale ends and I provide prizes to your top sellers. You can do the fundraiser as a group or earn individual profits. There is even an online option as wellI would love to talk to you more about your fundraising goals and discuss how I can help you raise some much-needed funds! 

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